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Sunday, September 28, 2008

School shootings explained

I'm going to start by saying that Marilyn Manson is not the one to blame so please stop harassing him. Matti Juhani Saari is the latest school massacre organizers and he has a profile that fits every other school shooters profile. For some reason it seems to go unnoticed though and this is why I needed to write this article. It is sickening to watch how politicians use these shootings to justify their reforms.

Somehow not that many notice the pattern with all these shootings until recently. People have started to blame drug companies now and this is much closer to the truth then anything else that has been said. If you check all the incidents from Wikipedia's notable school shooting table you will quickly discover that most of these people had mental issues and most of them were taking drugs to treat it.

Columbine High School shooter Harris was clinical psychopath and Klebold was depressive. Edward Charles Allaway, person who commited Fullerton massacre was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia by five different mental health professionals. Virginia Tech massacre was commited by Seung-Hui Cho who suffered depression and selective mutism. Jeffrey James Weise suffered depression and was the person behind Red Lake High School massacre. Matti Saari The list goes on and on.

Antidepressants usually mess around with two neurotransmitters in our brain - dopamine and serotinin. I'm going to talk about dopamine as it is probably most relevant. If you have not enough dopamine you get depressed, have motivation issues, problem solving seems impossible, you have problems with your memory. But have too much and you see hallucinations, feel highly motivated almost godlike. Mania, psychosis, suicide and homicidal ideas are also easy to come in such state.

You might have heard how meth addicts can't lay off the drug because it makes them feel like god. This is the same with everything else that causes our dopamine levels to go up. Coffee and cigarettes are the first that come to my mind. We know that when we get them it makes us feel good and we develop a addiction. Eventually the effect starts to wear out though and we have to get larger and larger doses to feel good.

You probably start to see the picture in here, antidepressants increase your dopamine level. Other things that increase this level are risk, achieving your goals, also drinking beer. Fits the profile, doesn't it? This has been known to doctors for years although secret service who published it's report somehow failed to mention this.

For these guys taking such huge risk and achieving their delusional goals is equal to meth addict getting high.

It is clear that these people shouldn't have been in regular school system. They should have received treatment in mental institution or special school. I'm no scientist or doctor but the pattern in here is very clear. I suggest you to read up on dopamine and antidepressants and put the picture together yourself.

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I Really Dig Hamsters

Creators Syndicate - Over a year ago, our twin daughters came to us and begged us to get them hamsters. I (wisely) refused, but my wife (unwisely) gave in, and within an hour we were driving home from the pet store with Smokey and Paco, two cute, adorable and totally unnecessary hamsters.

We'd had hamsters over the years, but not for very long. In the mid-Nineties, one got loose and chose to hide (unwisely, it turned out) under the rug in our front hallway. He couldn't have known, but it's a fairly well-traveled part of our house, and he lasted a very short time in his new lair before he was turned into a fur-covered pancake. We lost another two in the great massacre of 2002, when I (stupidly, it turned out) bought birdseed instead of hamster food....

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Court puts temporary halt on "Project Runway" move

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A judge on Friday temporarily halted plans by film and television producer The Weinstein Co to take its hit TV program "Project Runway" to the Lifetime cable TV network from rival Bravo where it now airs.

The preliminary injunction, handed down in New York State Supreme Court, means that for now the fashion design contest starring model Heidi Klum will not jump to Lifetime Network in November 2008, as had been scheduled.

NBC Universal, the media wing of General Electric Co and the owner of Bravo, said it was pleased with the ruling, while separately privately-held Weinstein vowed to appeal.

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Different sections at BushIQ

You should also check out different tags on the Bush IQ website. Although this website is quite new there are already quite many posts under these tags:

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BushIQ lives again

Bush IQ has been revamped as a full blown, quality moderated entertainment/humor website. To get the better picture about this new website I'm going to list few videos that have been posted there lately

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Well I'm back from holiday and I'm going to start blogging more from now on. Been busy with all the stuff, you know how it is all the time. Anyway here is something cool I found the other day. A blog about Bush and his IQ. This is completely radical approach to Bush and his logic I have seen this far. Go check it out.

Bush IQ

Monday, April 10, 2006

So... can you drink a gallon of milk in an hour? I found this cool post about this here: Mission impossible . So if you feel like doing it don't :) What you should do is ask some one "Can you drink a gallon of milk in an hour?" And if he is saying that sure I can... well then it will get funny :) It is definately great bet on parties.... oh, and if the victim has drank vodka then it is even worse. Actually he could start to puke instantly

Warning: Don't try this at home!(Not in your home at least)